Songwriting buddies

My friend Steve Hodak is a fantastic songwriter. He even let me cover one of his songs. I love the way he isn’t afraid to add drama to a song, to take chances, to be funny, and to be completely and sometimes painfully honest. I appreciate my friends and I’m so fortunate to call Steve a friend. Check out his music

Thank you River Rocks

I had a great evening performing at River Rocks tonight. The crowd was very supportive. One woman in particular made a point of catching my eye and smiling to let me know she was listening. We chatted at the end of my set. She was so interesting – recently widowed (unexpectedly and way too young) and now moving forward and finding her way in a new life. That’s one of the things I cherish about performing. I meet the neatest people – all of us somewhere along our journey. I love it that music is the vehicle for connecting us all.

2018 Here We Come


2018 is bound to be good year. I hope it will be one filled with music. I am excited to begin the year with one of my favorite gigs on the Space Coast of Florida. It is called the Moonlight Stroll. It takes place at Erna Nixon State Park. Organizers place a variety of musical performers throughout the park along a boardwalk that runs through the woods. There isn’t any amplified music – only acoustic music echoing through the moonlit woods. The audience is a listening audience – families, couples, and solo hikers that make the trek through the park to hear the performers. It is a special night.