It's about being grateful.

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Tina has been passionate about music all her life. Her folks encouraged her interests from a very young age with piano lessons and living room sing alongs. By age 11 she had picked up the guitar.  Tina's dad suggested her first song title during the Winter of 1970 as they looked out onto a frozen lake behind their Great Falls, VA home. He said, "Tingle, why don't you write a song called THE ICE ON MY POND CRACKED UP ALL OVER YOU..."  The rest is history.

Tina was on stage early in life, talent shows, neighborhood jams, high school solo gigs and a stint with a high school band.  College brought paying gigs, various duo partners and some semi-serious songwriting.  


Post graduation, Tina enters the real world, working day jobs to pay the bills and playing late night gigs to feed her passion. Songwriting got real serious as life progressed and took the turns life can and will take.

Tina credits her mother's determination and strength, and her father's wit and creativity for her pursing the dream of being a performing songwriter.  Both of her folks were hard working dreamers.  The message was always, "You can do anything you set your mind to."

Tina spends her time between the Space Coast of Florida and the mountains of Western North Carolina. She performs in restaurants and bars, festivals and house concerts. She loves to perform and it shows.



Be grateful for something everyday.